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Classical Slots

When you enter a brick-and-mortar casino, the very first thing you lay your eyes on are mechanical slot machines. Likewise, when you visit online casinos, the majority of casino games you come across or the portfolio with the most games is the slots portfolio. Every slot you see however is not similar. Despite their huge numbers, each slot game differs from the next one. Some of the slots you see feature in what is affectionately known as classic slots. When it comes to classical slots, three broad definitions quickly come to mind. Below, we are going to expose and explore all three definitions hence enabling everyone to be on the same page as to the meaning of classical slots.

The Three Broad Definitions of Classic Slots

Classic Slots as the Earliest Slot Machines to be Designed: The first universally accepted definition of classic slots state that classical slots are the first mechanical slot machines to be ever designed. As the first slot machines to be ever produced in the late 1800s to early 1900s came with fruit symbols as the dominant reel symbols – they were affectionately referred to as fruit machines. These fruit machines are what we now call classical slots hence the interchanging of fruit machines and classical slots.

Classic Slots as Modern Games Inspired by Fruit Machines: When we talk of classic slots, we won’t be exclusively talking about games developed in the past. Rather, slots designed in contemporary times may at times be referred to as classic games. This often happens when the slot derives its inspiration and much of its elements including the number of reels/paylines from classical slots of days gone by. Software developers tend to keep churning out classical slots as a way of catering to the needs of all players who are fascinated with classic games.

Classic Slots as Trademark Games of Top Software Developers: Software developers especially the top and globally renowned developers who have been in business for quite some time have one or a few games which enjoyed much success. Owing to their popularity, these games will become the trademark games of the developers. To put this into perspective, we can talk of Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst slots which are the trademark games for Net Entertainment. The trademark games by various software developers are also referred to as classic slots. The classic tag the trademark games receive is due to their wide recognition and established value.

Characteristics of Classic Slots

Now that we all know the definition or rather definitions of classic slots, let’s get to expose and explore the characteristics of these games. Note that the characteristics we are going to expose are those that relate to classical slots which fall in the first two definition categories that is, the very first slots to be designed as well as the slots which were designed under the inspiration of the very first slot games.

  • Simplicity

The first thing to state about classic slots is that they are notoriously simple games. This simplicity emanates from the fact that they come with straightforward rules which are easy to grasp and master. Moreover, the action when playing classical slots takes place on a simple playing grid often time just a 3-reel grid. There aren’t any bonus features incorporated and if there are any, often, it’s just a solitary one. This, in essence, means players are restricted to base gameplay only hence the simplicity factor. This factor does make classical slots a great proposition to beginner players.

  • Simple and in some instances Banal Graphics

Classic slots are not renowned for exquisite, top-notch and immersive graphics. Rather, they come with simple, plain graphics. There is also a tendency of some classic slots to mimic each other’s graphics hence making their graphics banal. Graphics, therefore, are not the main pull factor when it comes to classical slots. This in essence means players who value good game graphics above everything else when choosing slots to play will not find classical slots appealing.

  • Relatively Low to Medium Payouts Awarded

Classical slots are associated with low to medium payouts. This of course when compared to modern video slots. This isn’t quite surprising when one considers that classic slots are often penny slots. You just need a penny or a few more to start playing them. These low wagering options in turn mean that the payouts churned thereafter are also relatively low to medium. Moreover, classic slots often lack bonus features as well as jackpots. This in turn affects the payout potential.

  • Fruit (and other classical) Symbols Dominate the Reels

Oftentimes, all it takes to denote a classic slot game are the symbols which appear on the reels. As most classical slots draw their inspiration from fruitmachines of the earlier days, they often feature fruit symbols as the dominant reel symbols. Others also blend the fruit symbols with other classic symbols such as golden bells, Jokers and golden stars. To round up, here are all the pros and cons of classical slots.


  • Easy gameplay experience
  • Simple interface
  • Simple soothing audio effects
  • Non-distractive simple graphics


  • An overly simplistic gameplay experience translates to monotony and boredom over long gaming sessions.